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Why partner with NFC?

At NFC we’re passionate about the asset finance and the broker industry.
Our expertise is why more than 250 broker businesses choose to partner with NFC each year.


Attract new customers, and keep existing ones coming back

Customer satisfaction is crucial to your business, happy customers are repeat customers, and they can influence the reputation of your business. With NFC you’ll have access to a wide-ranging panel of lenders including banks, major asset financiers, unsecured lenders and a range of boutique lending options. You’ll get access to a variety of rates and products to help you keep your customers smiling and coming back.


Help grow your business

Our full commission model is simple and upfront and we’ll work with you to help you strengthen and grow your revenue streams to help build reliable cash flow. If you’re looking to provide extra services to your customers, we can explore other potential avenues to build your product offering, such as our mortgage referral service. Options like this could mean that customers can turn to you for even more lending options, which can help with client retention and potentially creating an additional revenue stream for your business.


We’re not just an aggregator, we’re your business partner

Your personal NFC account manager will get to know your business like it’s their own. They’ll support you with regular face-to-face meetings, annual health checks and networking events that are all about creating growth opportunities. They’ll help you make confident business decisions and be your sounding board so you can develop your ideas.


Stay updated, informed and connected

Our networking and personal development events connect you with the brokering community, helping you learn, share, grow, and create opportunities for your business. With our membership of-and active involvement with- key industry associations including Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA), Finance Brokers Associations of Australia (FBAA) and Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia (CAFBA), we keep up to date with industry news and developments.

Our Lenders

Our diverse lender panel includes banks, major asset financiers and a range of boutique finance options that can help you deliver a variety of solutions to your customers. See the panel below.

Introducing Horizon2

The Horizon2 platform has been developed to help brokers like you easily manage your business the way you want to. With Horizon2 you have the ability to capture and track finance applications for both consumer and commercial loans. Your compliance documentation is built-in, allowing you to generate and deliver your documents electronically. The process is further streamlined with the ability to receive signed confirmations and acceptance of documentation electronically via our ‘sign on glass’ technology.


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