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More customer time, less computer time

We understand that manual management of your finance applications can be a time-consuming task. With Horizon2 you’ll have all your customer data at your fingertips – freeing you up to spend more time focusing on your customers and growing your business. Horizon2 can:

Increase efficiency

  • Streamline everyday broker processes.
  • Complete Equifax checks & integrate with Sensis TotalCheck.
  • Link your own & Equifax accounts to the platform.
  • Complete Auto Edge Asset Booking. Store all customer files electronically.
  • Integration to an online SMS messaging platform, enabling increased communication efficiencies, and the ability to launch marketing campaigns and customise business templates.
  • A wide array of reporting options.
  • Access to direct submissions with multiple lenders.
  • Access HEM Living expense benchmarks.
  • Provide a digital audit trail with date and time stamping and notes sections to accurately record every customer interaction.
  • Access to the Document Portal which houses up to date rate plans, matrix and communications from our lender panel.

Generate more free time

  • Eliminate the need to log into multiple websites.
  • Automate generation and delivery of Privacy and NCCP compliance documents.

Customise your experience

Every business is different, so we’ve developed a system that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Horizon2 can be customised in the areas of Company Logos, User Access Levels, Settlement & Audit Checklists, Supporting Documentation, Living Expense Benchmarks and Credit Proposals, to name a few.

Increase security

Create your own user access levels to suit your organisational structure.

Best of all, setting up your business on Horizon2 is a breeze. We can do it all for you, and have you up and running in a matter of days!

For more information, or to organise a demonstration, contact the NFC team today.

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Our Lenders

Our diverse lender panel includes banks, major asset financiers and a range of boutique finance options that can help you deliver a variety of solutions to your customers. See the panel below.

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