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FAQs - NFC Aggregation

1. How extensive is your Lender Panel?

NFC has a large and diverse panel of lenders offering products across various credit and asset categories. Our panel includes mainstream financiers in addition to boutique and non-conforming asset finance and personal loan lenders. You can learn more about our panel on our Lenders Page.

2. Does NFC have Lenders suitable for both Consumer and Commercial Customers?

Yes, NFC has a broad lender panel to meet the needs of consumer and commercial customers. Our panel includes secured and unsecured lenders in both the consumer and commercial space. You can learn more about our panel on our Lenders Page.

3. How do brokers get paid when they aggregate through NFC?

In most cases our brokers are paid direct by lenders; this ensures that you receive payment as fast as possible. There are a handful of lenders who do pay commissions to NFC to pass on however your State Sales Manager can discuss this further with you.

4. Is there a cost or fee to aggregate through NFC?

There is no cost or direct fee payable by a broker or broker business to NFC in order to aggregate through us.

5. What software does NFC offer to help with loan processing, lender submissions and compliance?

NFC’s Horizon2 platform is available to help brokers like you easily manage your business in the way you want to. With Horizon2 you have the ability to capture and track finance applications for both consumer and commercial loans. In some cases there are direct integrations with lenders. Your compliance documentation is built-in, allowing you to generate and deliver these documents electronically. Plus the process is further streamlined with the ability to receive signed confirmations and acceptance of documentation electronically via our ‘sign on glass’ technology. You can learn more about Horizon2 on our Systems Page.

6. What broker support does NFC offer?

We are committed to your success. Your personal NFC account manager will get to know your business like it’s their own. They’ll support you with regular face-to-face meetings, annual health checks and networking events. They’ll help you make confident business decisions and be your sounding board so you can develop your ideas with someone who really knows the asset finance business. We also have an internal team dedicated to the assistance of our broker network, whether that is system assistance or helping you to process deals.

7. What is the process in partnering with NFC as an aggregator?

Once you make the decision to partner with NFC, we will work with you to establish a transition plan covering contracts, application forms and accreditation paperwork, meet and greets with lenders and our team, set up of Horizon2 system as needed and appropriate product training. Once set up, we’ll then agree regular check-ins with you to ensure things are going smoothly.

8. Why would I leave my direct accreditation to aggregate through NFC?

There are many more benefits to working with NFC beyond lender accreditation. As one of the largest asset finance aggregators in Australia we can provide access to a variety of rate plans and commission structures. In addition, we deliver coaching and guidance which may help you grow your business, keep your career progressing with professional development opportunities and provide access to systems such as Horizon2. We may also be able to expand the lenders and products you currently have access to under direct accreditation.

9. Does NFC have mortgage lenders on their panel?

NFC is a specialist asset finance aggregator however we do partner with a leading mortgage aggregator if you are looking to diversify your business

10. Do I need a credit licence to become a broker via NFC?

Yes. All brokers who partner with NFC as their aggregator are required to hold a credit licence. If you do not currently hold a credit licence there are options you can discuss with your State Sales Manager.

11. What options do you have for credit representatives?

We have relationships with multiple large groups who sub-aggregate under us currently and who have models for credit representatives. Your State Sales Manager will be able to present these options to you.

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