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LinkedIn: Your Digital Business Card

LinkedIn: Your Digital Business Card


With digital communication now a pre-requisite rather than ‘nice-to-have’, many social platforms have had to evolve over time. LinkedIn is a prime example of this: what was once a consumer tool for recruitment opportunities is now a robust networking tool – especially in the B2B (business-to-business) space. It’s no wonder we so often hear the phrase “Let’s connect on LinkedIn” at networking events, or when new colleagues or potential customers interact. With LinkedIn now effectively a ‘Digital Business Card’, we have come up with a list of recommendations to make your profile work to its full potential:*

Get business-ready

  • Upload a professional photo (it’s not Facebook or Instagram!). Enlist a professional photographer to take some pictures of you. Ensure your image is 200x200 pixels, and hi-res.
  • Ensure your title reflects your current role.
  • Invest some time to write a great introduction in your profile ‘summary’. This will encourage people to continue scrolling and press connect. Consider engaging a professional writer to help make your professional brand really shine.
  • Be authentic – in demonstrating your expertise, and on why you’re passionate about asset finance. Do you wish to stand out further? Connect with your current colleagues; they’re often great for recommendations and endorsements on your roles and skills.

Get event-ready

  • Before attending your next event, review the programme and identify which speakers, panel members, sponsors and other attendees you wish to meet. Send them a connection request and let them know you will be in attendance and that you’d love to chat.
  • What are you doing with all those business cards you’ve collected? Re-connect with those who have previously handed over their card and arrange a coffee catch-up. 
  • Conference organisers may distribute attendance contact details post-event. Take this opportunity to connect with any individuals you may have not had the opportunity to connect with face-to-face.


LinkedIn enables you to connect with third-party connections within your field. Joining groups on LinkedIn will provide you with an extensive networking opportunity. Under the ‘members’ section of each group you can view the member list to see who is in the group, what they do, and how to connect it them. Think of it as ‘back-door access’.

So, there you have it: some simple tips on how your ‘Digital Business Card’ can work for you.

It’s time to start networking online!


* References to third party goods and services are not endorsements or recommendations by NFC. Your use of them is at your own risk. The information in this publication is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice in relation to any matters referred to in this article.

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