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Digital Marketing ... where to begin?

Digital Marketing ... where to begin?


Hassan Sadiq has many years’ experience in marketing and digital and has worked across industries including finance, retail, sport and aviation. He is the National Digital Marketing Manager at McMillan Shakespeare Group. Here he shares his views on the importance of aligning your business objectives with marketing and digital.

In your role you must be constantly needing to keep updated with the latest digital strategies and tactics. Where do you start?

There’s so much information out in the ether! Too much at times – even for someone in my industry who is constantly needing to stay updated with the latest trends. The key is to sign up to tailored e-newsletters, alerts and blogs which align with your objectives. My favourite Content Blog Platforms are HubSpot and Medium; I also follow the big brands such as Deloitte, PWC and CommBank. Routine is also key!*

Trend Watching is also a favourite of mine which in my experience provides the latest trends and innovation opportunities tailored to my interests.

Digital marketing is so broad; what advice would you give someone looking at implementing digital channels into their business?

Be clear on what you’re trying to achieve and don’t assume you can do it all by yourself.

  1. Set a budget for digital marketing which should cover outsourcing.
  2. If your budget allows you to hire an internal Digital Marketer to set a budget, provide you with a strategy and to get you started, then I would highly recommend this approach.
  3. Obtain quotes from freelancers who are experts with running Facebook, Google Adword Campaigns to assist you with getting started. You may wish to ask that they provide you examples of successful campaigns they have run. Asking to speak to one of their clients as a referral is also an option.

To get started with Digital Marketing in your business, below are the two recommended channels:

Social media
To communicate with your target audience in a casual friendly way about your product and services.

Google Ads
To create your presence on Google search engines and potentially assist you in ranking above your competitors.

Again, ensure to identify which channel is best for your business.


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